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Peter Sheehans Effect

Our workshop this week was presented by Peter Sheehan, he runs his own design company and has done many different things in his career as a designer. From his talk I got a lot of insight in what its like for designers in the big bad world, outside our protected little bubble of the college environment. Anyone thinking things come easy in this line of business are mistaken, it’s a harsh competitive business that expect only the best and will settle for nothing but the best. Another piece of knowledge bestowed by Peter was in essence to become whatever designer we want to be and do things how we feel comfortable. In college we are not allowed use pencil to draw with, but Peter maintains its what the designers better suited and comfortable with that matters. I tend to agree with this as to me sketching is just putting an idea down on paper, if the sketching is up to standard then the medium you draw with shouldn`t impact greatly on the communication of the idea. He stressed the importance of sketching and how it’s the basic form of portraying your concepts and ideas not to mention the cheapest.
Sketching was never something I was confident with, I never had the issue of wanting to use pencil. I think my biggest problem is actually sitting down and creating on the spot. Sketching requires talent and some key pointers but most of all time, time to think out what your trying to achieve, to get your proportions right and to not over think what your drawing. I`ve always preferred concept pages with a lot of line drawings showing off the idea and design features of the product rather than fully rendered pages showing the product off.

Ted Talk Video

I`m not saying doodling is like sketching but I thought this was interesting when I first seen it. Just on how we process information and I think this applies greatly to brainstorming especially in groups when we try to convey our concepts to others.


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